Global Offshore Helideck Inspection Trends Enter A New Era


Global Offshore Helideck Inspection Trends Enter A New Era

8 Dec 2016

With the growing number of helideck-equipped rigs worldwide, now in excess of 4000, Investment bank Barclays expects a 6-percent increase in spending this year. Barclays forecasts that there will be 25 percent more "deepwater" rigs (operating at ocean depths of more than 1,500 meters) by 2016.

Decentralising certification is a practical means of opening up opportunity for knowledge and skill sharing at a competitive rate. It also will increase the opportunity for isolated areas to engage quality services which will have a positive outcome on safety overall and specifically encourage the global application of internationally recognised certificates.   

The success of above-mentioned decentralisation is subject to a number of critical prerequisites, namely:
  • Certification agencies/bodies must demonstrate strict application of an internationally recognised certification standard (e.g. CAP 437).
  • Certification agencies/bodies must observe the mechanisms and processes described by an internationally recognised quality control standard (e.g. ISO 9001:2008).
  • Helideck inspection personnel must be trained by an internationally recognised and reputable institution, the curriculum of which should include both theoretical and practical components, and the qualification issued subject to practical demonstration of skill and comprehension, covering a minimum of five inspections of helidecks on varying types of offshore installation.
  • Helideck inspectors should be selected from applicants with suitable depth of experience as regards offshore helicopter operations (e.g. helicopter pilots, HLOs, etc.).
  • All helideck certification reports should be subject to the peer review of a panel consisting of at least two qualified helideck inspectors.


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